Starting an umbrella organisation on GitHub

I could swear I raised this somewhere before but I can’t find it.

Any plans for putting nalgebra, ncollide, nphysics into a single GitHub organisation? Orgs lend themselves better to collaboration and project longevity and make me more comfortable advocating for these projects in the gamedev community.

Yes, definitely! I haven’t done this yet because I was not sure what name to give to this organization. Some ideas could be:

  • nlibs: because I’ve seen this term used on IRC used (because my main crates have names starting with n). Though I don’t find it very informative.
  • rust-scientific: standing for Rust scientific computing but that may be to broad a scope.
  • rustsim: standing for Rust Simulation (libraries). Which where my preference lies for the moment.

I am not sure what organization already exists in Rust. So far I know of rustgd but merging into it would not be that good as the scope of nphysics et. al. is broader than just game development (for example this includes robotics and mechanical simulation).

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:+1: for rustsim, I say go for it! Even if there’s another name change in a year or two surely it won’t be very disruptive.

I agree that this belongs in its own group rather than together with rustgd, though hopefully there can be a good deal of collaborator overlap. While the rustsim libraries (see, it’s already a thing :wink: ) should of course pursue their full breadth of applications, I hope it’s fair to say that game development is the most approachable use case at the moment so it makes sense to coordinate closely with that group of early adopters.

Alright, I have setup the organization and reserved the domain name (DNS propagation is still in progress). I will transition my crates (and update all the github links) tomorrow.

The migration is complete! I have also made a landing page for the organization:
@erlend_sh Do you by any chance know if migrating to is something that can be done?


Definitely. I’ll send you a PM.