Unity3D + Unreal Engine Map Exports

Hey Everyone -

Totally new here to the rust community. I was looking to building out an authoritative server with the ability to import map data from popular game engines such as Unity3D and Unreal.

I’m looking to build an open-source entity component system that will take static mesh + object information in order to perform checks on where an entity can and can not move. There are some dynamic objects that may be involved, such as doors that can open and close. Meaning, an entity should not be able to walk through a closed door, nor open door - so some information is dynamically changing.

I came across nphysics and was thinking that I can consider creating a utility that will export all collision bounds and navmesh related information into some format for nphsyics to use, but wanted to see if anyone else has seen a solution around this?

Additionally open for ideas on how to handle “state” based animation changes that would happen to dynamic objects in the world.

The whole goal is to not run a headless game engine and just use nphysics.

Looking forward to your thoughts!