I have tried to convert from storage amnd it does not work

This give me vec storage:


Some(Matrix { data: VecStorage { data: [0.8], nrows: Dynamic { value: 1 }, ncols: Dynamic { value: 1 } } })

Where do i put .into() .into_owned or .cloned_owned()?

I would think this but it does not work

( (&H.transpose()(&SIGMA_matrix&H)).try_inverse()).cloned_owned();

  error[E0599]: no method named `cloned_owned` found for type `std::option::Option<na::Matrix<f64, na::Dynamic, na::Dynamic, na::VecStorage<f64, na::Dynamic, na::Dynamic>>>` in the current scope

–> src/kalman_filter_properties.rs:407:78
407 | let K_den = ((&H.transpose()(&SIGMA_matrix&H)).try_inverse()).cloned_owned();
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^

FYI I figured it out.. if I do K_den.unwrap().clone_owned() it worked.