I need someone to help me in the development of a simulator.
I have little money, but I can pay something.
I need it to optimize the design of a team I am working on.

I need to be able to incorporate a cylinder that is 10m long and 2m in diameter to the simulator. The thickness of the cylinder is only 1cm.
This cylinder must turn concentrically at an adjustable speed (0-15 rpm).
The cylinder can have an adjustable inclination (0-5 degrees).

At one end of the cylinder must enter particles whose size on a real scale will be 10 and 40 cm.
The amount of particles must be adjustable.
The particles have an adjustable weight (density) of between (0.1 and 10 Kg).
The cylinder has inside blades that allow to remove the particles when it rotates.
the inclination of the cylinder advances the particles.
When the particles leave the cylinder and fall at the opposite end of the entrance, they disappear.

I do not know if it is possible that the cylinder and its specific design can be modified by importing a 3D Object in some standard format (IGS for example).

Can someone help me with this project?

Thank you.