Simd matrix x vector multiplication

Is it possible to multiply a Matrix by a Vector when using simd types? I’m trying something like:

let v: Vector4<f32x4> = Vector4::splat(Vector4(1., 1., 1., 1.));
let m: Matrix4<f32x4> = Matrix4::from([m1, m2, m3, m4]);
m * v

but i get an error in the last line saying it’s expecting a single f32x4 rather than a Vector4<f32z4>

Sorry it’s working now, i was using packed_simd types directly instead of simba::simd ones. I was confused cause simba::simd types are missing a new function so I thought the correct ones where the packed_simd ones

Hi! Glad you figured it out!

I understand the confusion. I will add a new function to simba SIMD types in the next version of simba.