Making Terrain Geometry Faster

What’s the proper way to represent a static mesh with a lot of vertices?

My demo terrain has 18,744 triangles. I’ve tried representing it as both independent static ConvexHulls and a single static TriMesh. In both cases it takes about 30 milliseconds to perform a 15 millisecond step on a world with a single dynamic ball in it.

I would expect a world with a lot of static objects and a single dynamic object to be able to make a step almost instantly.

A single static TriMesh is the right approach. The performance issue is indeed surprising. Could you provide a test scenario so that we can investigate further?

I don’t have a test scenario, but can confirm I have the same issue, with a TriMesh with only 56 triangles, world step can be as slow as 20 ms while it’s always below 3ms when using a simple plane as ground collider.