How to license Kiss3d cameras?

I guess this is a more general question of “What’s the standard way to use code from a project that has a permissive license, but not import as a library?” - but I’d also like to make sure I’m not stepping on any toes here since it’s so easy to each out to the author :slight_smile:

I’m thinking to just create a new in my repo (which is also permissive - MIT+Apache), and then in there copy/paste the various third-party licenses such as Kiss3d’s with a descriptive line before each one.

For a specific example - I want to use stuff from the src/camera folder in kiss3d, so I’m thinking I’ll have in my :

—some of the camera code derived from under the following license:—
[copy/paste of the LICENSE file]

@sebcrozet are you ok with that? Any general tips for this?

Hi! I don’t know what is the best way of doing this legally speaking. But what you are proposing here looks very reasonable to me.

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